Please Take the Keys from Your Drunken Friend

Drinking and DrivingOne would think that getting an intoxicated person’s keys would be easy. They stumble and slur, maybe even slide off the bar stool onto the floor. Somehow, they still manage to hold onto their keys, even when trying to get up off the ground. Then, when they’re ready to hit the road in their car, they start heading for the door. Nobody wants to make enemies of friends, and it can be easier to just let them go… but, as a real friend, your job is to get those keys before something tragic occurs.

Your drunken friend may not realize they’re drunk, as that’s a common effect of being drunk. They may get offended at the suggestion of handing over their keys if you ask, especially if you are loud or accusatory. You can’t just manhandle your friend and wrench those keys from their hand, and they’re probably past the point of understanding they’re risking a drunk driving conviction and those consequences. Ignition interlock devices aren’t really on the mind of anyone who intends to drink and drive because it can’t happen to them, right?

Instead of bullying your friend and wrestling those keys away, you may have to approach this with kindness, or by using humor. You can be flattering or even beg them to let you drive their car… your dream car.  When it comes to keeping your friend safe from their intoxicated self, you may have to go out on a limb – and that’s what friends are for.

You’re not an ignition interlock device, but, you can stop a drunk driver just the same. Once you have your drunken friends’ keys, they cannot start or operate their car and have to find a safe ride home. Plus, when they sober up, they’ll be grateful that you stood up for them and kept them from a much worse fate than a hangover and a bruised ego.

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