Ready to Drive after a Texas DWI? Not So Fast!

driving after a Texas DWIOur freedom and our independence are always top concerns, even when we haven’t acted like the model citizens we wish we were. Too many times after drinking an offender still thinks its “okay to drive,” even if that’s the same kind of attitude that ended in a Texas DWI. We get that we made a mistake, but it is really hard to get back and forth to work or school with a suspended license. It may even be easy to just jump into a car and run down the street to the store. Unfortunately, unless you’ve done your job by properly reinstating your license after a Texas DWI, you’re just running into more trouble for your efforts.

Your direct path to getting your license back after a Texas DWI includes:

  • Immediately getting an ignition interlock installed and then bringing that proof to the Texas DPS.
  • Waiting for your restricted driver’s license to arrive in the mail.
  • Driving safely, paying any additional fines as required by the DPS.
  • Attending all service appointments for interlock maintenance and calibration.

Once you get your ignition interlock device installed, you still have to remember the reasons you have the interlock to begin with, so that you don’t make the same mistake again. That means you don’t have any amount of alcohol before you drive your interlock vehicle, and that you only ever drive your vehicle with the device installed. That way, you have a breath test on record each time you drive, and it is never over the preset limit.

Remember that in some cases, any amount of alcohol detected on an interlock test could be grounds for a subsequent Texas DWI charge.

Being ready to drive after a Texas DWI is more than filling out paperwork and paying fines. Your commitment to being a sober driver is the most important factor in a successful recovery, and reentry into your life of freedom and independence.

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