Super Bowl, Super Drunk?

Super bowl, super drunk?In sports news, there’s a pretty big game happening this weekend: The Super Bowl. The annual football celebration is a Thanksgiving-style reboot of food, family and far too much drinking without a safe ride home. This year, we may have more reasons than ever to enjoy a few cold ones with friends. The more we drink, the less we can debate other hot-button topics, right? So when gathering at the local bar or at your neighbor’s house for your Super Bowl celebration, remember there’s nothing worse than a Super Drunk DUI at the end of the day.

All 50 states have lines in the sand for DUI drivers. The first line, across the country, is .08 percent BAC (blood alcohol concentration), the legal limit for DUI. In some states, you can still be charged with a DUI even if your BAC is lower than the national per se limit, especially if you’re driving dangerously. In 28 states and counting, a DUI at that limit will result in an ignition interlock requirement.

The next line separates the drunk drivers from the Super Drunk DUI drivers. That line varies slightly in those states that impose additional penalties for high-BAC crimes. For those of you keeping score, a super drunk DUI BAC limit will fall somewhere between .15 – .17 percent BAC, or around twice the legal limit. In all 50 states and in D.C., a super drunk DUI means you’ll have a mandatory ignition interlock requirement, as well as increased penalties, fines, jail time and more.

Before you head out for your Super Bowl celebration, your best game plan is one that includes a way for you to get home safely. There’s no reason to keep track of your BAC when you’ve got a ride home, and you don’t have to worry about your own fumbles, penalties or time-outs… just your own super awesome touchdown back home, safely.

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