What to Do When You Suspect a Drunk Driver

bigstock-Drunk-Woman-Driving-Car-With-B-52205557As you’re driving down the road, let’s say you notice something odd; the car in front of you seems to be all over the road swerving or quickly switching lanes without warning. This is alarming and, as you know, very dangerous for you or anyone else on the road with you, the best thing you can do is to remain calm and continue to respect the law.

If you are able to, alert the authorities of your suspicion by calling 911, they will send professionals who are trained and qualified in problems such as drunk drivers. When calling, take note of the color, model, license plate, or anything else that may help the authorities locate the vehicle better, like the road and direction the vehicle is headed. If you are not alone, ask whoever may be with you to make the call, if possible.

It is highly advised that you do not break any sort of laws in order to obtain the information or take any sort of action to attempt to get the driver off the road. Try to avoid making yourself appear conspicuous, if the driver is indeed drunk you may make them more dangerous. The authorities are capable and recognized as officials allowed to handle this; you have already done your job by reporting the suspicious car. Also consider that it may be easier to make an arrest if the driver is caught in the act.

The best option in the situation for you is to pull onto the side of the road and wait for the car to pass. Do not risk yourself or anyone else in the car by staying on the road under dangerous conditions. If you don’t pull over on the side of the road, at least try to maintain a large distance from the car in question. If you fear there may be a collision, flash your lights or honk your horn in an effort to get the attention of the other driver, pull on to the side of the road, and remember to call 911 and keep talking to the dispatcher so you can make it easier for them to locate the vehicle and prevent further fear of unsafe driving circumstances.

Hopefully you will never have to deal with drunk drivers on the road, but if you do, remember to be safe before anything else. Breaking any traffic laws in order to maintain an eye on the driver increases the risk of harm to you or others. As you long as you make safety a priority, the risk will go down. Call the authorities, if you can, and help them with as much detail as you are able to. This helps tremendously. Only you can be as safe as you feel necessary, following the proper precautions not only helps you, but everyone else as well.

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