The Uber Water Missouri BWI Prevention Solution has Arrived!

Missouri BWI prevention appAcross the U.S. the impact of rideshare services like Uber and Lyft has been perhaps most notable in DWI prevention. It becomes almost a reflex to book a safe ride home for many who shrug off their fear of leaving their vehicle. Considering the alternatives, including the cost of a DWI, ignition interlock requirement and overall regret factor, a $20 Uber just makes sense. That’s probably why Missouri BWI prevention may have a new tool in its kit: a watercraft-sharing app.

Anchor, the Lake of the Ozarks answer to Uber, is providing safe, dock-to-dock transportation service for those who enjoy a little extra liquid adventures while on the lake. Considering the serious nature of a Missouri BWI and the success of land-based ridesharing apps, Anchor should be able to keep those intoxicated boating incidents down significantly.

A Missouri BWI and DWI both use blood alcohol concentration (BAC) levels to define the criminal offense (.08 percent BAC). At that level, a Missouri BWI offender will face:

  • Class B misdemeanor charge (first offense).
  • Class A misdemeanor (second offense).
  • Class D felony (third or higher offenses).
  • Felony charges if the BWI results in the death or serious injury of another.

At .15 BAC, it gets even more restrictive, and if you are convicted of more than one Missouri BWI, you could be ordered into a 24/7 alcohol monitoring program.

A day on the lake can seem like the ideal time to celebrate the great outdoors with friends and family, and maybe let loose a little too much. Keep in mind that a boat is still a vehicle and that people can be harmed just as easily on lakes, rivers, and other waterways as they can on our streets. With common sense and the safety of relying on services like Anchor, Uber or your designated driver, you can be sure to spend many more summers on the water, celebrating the best of times with those you love the most.

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