Voluntary Ignition Interlocks: Do They Really Work?

voluntary ignition interlocks As a concerned family member, or the owner of a business that requires employees to drive, surely you’ve considered installing ignition interlock devices in your car or cars, right? You probably have stopped just short of calling an ignition interlock service provider because without a court order, how do you know you’re doing the right thing? How do the devices even work if nobody has actually been convicted of drinking and driving?

They work the same way, with or without a court order or requirement from the DMV. They keep would-be drunk drivers from making a dangerous choice behind the wheel of your vehicle.

With a voluntary installation, your ignition interlock service provider will install and calibrate your device in the same manner as a person with a DUI. The device will work just like a court-ordered installation – the person who is driving has to submit a breath sample before starting the car, and periodically while driving. If alcohol is detected, the car will not start OR the driver will be prompted to pull over and re-test.

Best of all, voluntary ignition interlock devices work because the person driving knows they cannot ever drive that vehicle if they have been drinking. They keep your business property from any involvement with a drunk driving incident and they keep your loved ones from the tragedy of a DUI. It is estimated that 90% of DUI offenders with an interlock requirement never drink and drive again – imagine the effectiveness of an interlock when installed voluntarily!

Voluntary ignition interlocks work well to keep everyone on the same page with eliminating drunk driving – at least under your watch. When you take the steps to install the device before a DUI has occurred, you are sending a strong message about your expectations from your employees and anyone who may be driving your car. Drinking and driving is dangerous and costly, and a voluntary ignition interlock installation can be the smartest choice for your family and business.

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