Weird DUI: Self-Driving Cars Won’t Cut the Danger

weird DUI self-driving carWe love our technology. From our smartphones that are replacing many of our executive functions, to the idea of self-driving, autonomous cars, technology seems to be saving our lives in so many ways. It is no wonder that, with the success rate of ignition interlock devices in vehicles of convicted drunk drivers, there are people who want the devices installed as standard equipment in new cars. Of course we all want to be safer, and ignition interlock devices do that.

On the other hand, for those people who never drink and drive, that idea can seem fairly offensive. Plus, requiring the devices for everyone means an additional expense that can be uncalled for, particularly in the case of the person who never drinks and drives, or who never drinks at all.

IF we cannot all agree on ignition interlock devices, then maybe we can all get behind the idea of self-driving cars.

Imagine it, you and your friends all head out for a night on the town. You all are safe in the understanding that what happens at Joe’s Bar will stay at Joe’s Bar. You relax, knowing that your self-driving car will be your designated driver for the night. Those weird DUI warnings are all a thing of the past because you have technology and smart cars on your side.

Then, you all get ready to go home, pile into your car and wait. Nothing happens, and your vehicle isn’t magically moving, driving you home to your awaiting bed. The self-driving feature has, for whatever reason, is not working. You and your friends are in a new, weird DUI dilemma: who drives the driverless car home?

Ok, maybe self-driving cars are still not as reliable as ignition interlock devices. 

Even if we had self-driving cars, we never really know how the night will end up, which means that we should always have a plan for a safe ride home. Being prepared for any drunk driving problems is as simple as having phone numbers ready for when you need a ride home, even if your car promises to get you there on its own.

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