You Don’t Want an Illinois BAIID?

You want an Illinois BAIIDAfter a DUI, you want to be sure that you’re doing your part and fulfilling the order of the court. If that means limiting your driving while you take the time to work on other issues that is okay; you’re not alone. An Illinois BAIID isn’t mandatory for all DUIs, and the state does give you a choice when it comes to your BAIID.

If you decide that declining an Illinois BAIID is the right choice for you, you must find an alternative mode of transportation during your suspension period. You cannot drive any vehicle under any circumstances for the duration of your license suspension. Remember, also, that you may face the following situations without your own vehicle to use:

  • Hitchhiking might not be your thing, so be sure to plan a carpool situation in advance!
  • In addition to being a friendlier alternative to the environment, riding with someone else is a great way to help keep the road safe.
  • Less vehicles = less traffic + less accidents.
  • Safety, safety, safety!

On the other hand, if you move forward and install an Illinois BAIID, remember that commitment and strict diligence is an absolute must. An offender who participates in the BAIID program and is later caught driving a vehicle without an interlock installed is guilty of a Class 4 felony. What does this mean?

  • Minimum 1-year sentence (max is 3 years)
  • A criminal record. This is something you’ll need to report on future loan agreements, employers, etc.
  • Costly legal fees

It is probably in your best interest to go ahead and choose to get the BAIID. A few extra seconds of effort before starting your trip is much less of a pain than a few years in jail for operating a vehicle without a BAIID. Once you’ve met all of the requirements and the device is removed, you get your entire life back without worry about further incidents.

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