Cinderella Licenses in Michigan

ignition interlockFor anyone who has ever been convicted of a drunk driving offense, the option to continue to drive legally has been determined by each state’s laws and policies concerning DUI/DWI convictions. Because more states recognize the detriment a license suspension can cause a person in terms of transportation for employment, educational, family or medical needs, and the alarming number of convicted drunk drivers who continue to drive on a suspended or revoked license, the establishment of “Cinderella license” policies has become popular. In fact, by combining a Cinderella license with an ignition interlock device, the rate of repeat drunk driving convictions is dramatically reduced.

Cinderella licenses are restricted licenses that allow a person to continue to drive a vehicle after a drunk driving conviction with different stipulations that can vary by state. Cinderella licenses in Michigan, for example, are granted only after a period of full license suspension. This suspension depends on the measured blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of the offender at the time of arrest and any prior Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) convictions. The Cinderella licenses in Michigan allow a person to continue driving only between the following places:

  • The offender’s residence and place of employment.
  • A court-ordered substance abuse program.
  • An assigned Department of Probation or community service location.
  • An educational or medical institution as required.

In order to decrease the overall impact of a drunk driving conviction, Cinderella licenses are allowed in many states to help establish and maintain healthy behaviors and lifestyles. Additionally, for Cinderella licenses in Michigan or in any other state, it is common for a drunk driving offender to install an ignition interlock device on any vehicles driven. With the combination of a Cinderella license and ignition interlock device, there is less chance for a drunk driver to continue to put lives at risk, as well as keep employment and family obligations in order.


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