Teens, Spring Break, and Binge Drinking

teenage drinking spring breakSpring Break has become one of the most anticipated times during college. In the past, students simply enjoyed a week from homework, classes, and projects, but these days the week-long holiday equates three seemingly different aspects of life: teens, Spring Break, and binge drinking. There are a lot of things parents can do, though, to help weaken that seemingly strong connection.

Something that is helpful for teens about to embark upon their first or second Spring Break experience is to be reminded that they have the opportunity to enjoy an adventure. If they spend their entire Spring Break drinking, how are they going to remember the fun they had? When they return from their trip, no matter how close to or far from home they travelled, it would be nice to be able to share stories and pictures that document sobriety and genuine fun. Another perspective for teens to keep in mind during this time is that everyone takes photographs and shares them with the click of a button these days. It would be sad if a night of Spring Break underage drinking negatively impacted a future dream job.

When it comes to teens, Spring Break, and binge drinking, the concerns are many. Binge drinking is an inherently dangerous act, as it can result in alcohol poisoning and a visit to the hospital. With teens, there are extra concerns due to the fact that teens who binge drink during Spring Break may not know how their bodies handle alcohol and may drink to excess much easier and more quickly than older, more experienced drinkers. This could not only contribute to an emergency room visit, but also falls, drowning accidents, and an increased risk of getting taken advantage of by predators. Teens are not the only people who look forward to the excess that has become Spring Break.

Everyone agrees that teens, Spring Break, and binge drinking are a bad combination. Everyone except possibly the teens, themselves. In the moment, drinking may seem like fun, but there are always consequences. More and more, healthier alternatives are being marketed toward Spring Breakers. For teens who want to travel to other countries, there may be options of travelling as part of a group sponsored by specific organizations. This can provide the adrenaline-pumping socialization without the unwanted side effects. Some colleges offer their own Spring Break alternatives as a way to help students have fun in safe environments. Teens who want a fabulous Spring Break don’t have to engage in binge, underage drinking or any other risky behaviors in order to have the time of their lives.

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