Weird DUI: Guilty and Driving Yourself to Jail

weird dui guilt trip signAlcohol has a way of bringing out our true feelings, whether it’s a 2 AM text to an ex or the guilt felt by a drunk driver. Sometimes that means a drunk driver heads directly into a DUI checkpoint, ready to admit guilt. In other cases, a suspect may be trying to get off the streets as quickly as possible, driving right past law enforcement. In a recent weird DUI case, a man in California felt so bad about his intoxicated judgment that he drove himself (under the influence of alcohol) to a local police station to turn himself in.

What do you do when you realize you’re too drunk to drive? Stop driving immediately.

If not, you could be the next in this series of weird DUI stories:

In every sense, a DUI is pretty much a guarantee that you are driving yourself to jail, even if you are only trying to get home. Driving under the influence of alcohol is illegal in all 50 states and a danger to everyone on the road. With risks like high court costs and fines, possible jail time, an ignition interlock requirement, and the reality of a fatal accident skipping the weird DUI or any drunk driving incident is the best advice you can follow. Alcohol definitely encourages a true reflection of our inner workings, but that should never include a trip to the police station at any point in our travels home.

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